Try Kenny's Supreme with 40% Protein! July 29 2019, 37 Comments

Kenny's Supreme Diet contains 40% protein that will provide premium nutrients for growth, health, and beauty!

Fishin' is Gettin' GOOD Again! July 29 2019, 0 Comments

The big bass fishing is GOOD on the Arkansas River!

Lovin' Me Some Summer Time! June 28 2019, 24 Comments

It is officially summer and the great flood of 2019 has receded with a lesser flood underway that is supposed to be about 10' less than the great one!  The rain in Arkansas seems to be slowing down, but the bass tournaments at Tar Camp are probably postponed until next year.  My pond fish are crazy hungry!  I have so many baby bass, catfish, bluegill, and hopefully some pond carp.  We need these babies to grow fast since the pond has been fished so well this past year so we are feeding them 52% protein pond fry food.  I expect to have some good sized juveniles by fall!

In April, we had a new grandson. Everything I have every heard about being a grandparent is true!  We just can't get enough of him!

As of Monday July 1, we will be shipping from a new location.  We are participating in a state research and development program and moved our fish food business to that location so we can basically be in two places at one time!   We expect brand new fresh inventory to be delivered the week of July 1.  Hang tight!   It's coming soon!

Our summer sale includes Kenny's Vibrant Vittles Color-Enhancing Floating Pellets for Koi and Goldfish. We are selling this product in bulk packaging to help keep the price low throughout the summer.  And don't forget our new formulation of Kenny's Vanishing Vittles with 36% premium protein for both ornamental and pond fish.

Bulk Packaging with Free Shipping.  Happy Summer! 

WINTER IS UPON US! January 07 2019, 3 Comments

We've had some beautiful weather the past couple of days after a solid week of rain!  Just a couple more months to the feeding frenzy!  

After an extremely nice holiday break, we are back open for business and shipping on Monday and Wednesday each week.  We will stay on this schedule for a few more weeks.  Check out our clearance items! 

Our son is doing well, and hopefully after another procedure in a couple of weeks, he will be on the road to a lasting recovery.  We are so looking forward to this year because we will be grandparents!  Not just to cats, but to a human boy as well!  We are so blessed!

We are looking forward to 2019, and we are honored to serve you and your fish!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! December 10 2018, 3 Comments

It's hard to believe it is already winter again!  As we get older, time sure passes faster!  We have decided to close our stores for a few weeks this winter season.  As some of you may know, my son as been sick a lot this year with pancreatitis. He had a procedure on November 30th that was supposed to alleviate some of his problems, but complications caused a 7-day hospital stay!  He's home now, but he still has some recovering to do.  He will go back on January 7th for another procedure.  We are praying that this one doesn't land him in the hospital again!  Additionally, my husband and I always schedule yearly appointments and vacation time in the winter when business is slow, so we will be knocking out some much needed down time ourselves!  

We would like to take this time to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We appreciate your business, and we are looking forward to serving you (and your fish!) again in 2019!

Beautiful Snow Day! January 16 2018, 2 Comments

We had snow in Central Arkansas!  Baby, it's cold outside!

New Cool-Season Products are Here! September 08 2017, 0 Comments

Kenny's Chillin' Chow is back in both large and medium sized pellets, and we now offer sinking pellet sticks!  

Feed Fall/Winter diet to koi and other carp until water temp drops to about 50 F.  

28% protein floating and sinking diets can be fed to catfish a little longer in the cool season.  It is thought that light feeding in the fall/winter may lower the mortality rate of visceral toxicosis of catfish (VTC), a disease contracted mostly in the winter when catfish lose weight.  Offer feed to catfish until water reaches 45 F. It is unlikely that catfish will consume feed once the water reaches this temperature. 

September is usually a very high-feeding time for our fish, especially in the afternoon around 5 pm.  Hope you enjoy feeding your fish (and other critters) as much as we do!

Oh, the weather! September 08 2017, 3 Comments

Just as Harvey wrapped itself up, Irma is on its way to make even more destruction and heartache. Please know that all of you continue to be in our hearts and prayers as you go up against these difficult times.

Praying for Texas! August 30 2017, 4 Comments

We've had a very similar weather pattern this August as we did last August.  Lots of rain and unseasonable cool temperatures.  We are praying for safety and recovery for everyone in Texas! 

Just like last year at this time, some of our product is slow to get here due to Hurricane Harvey. Bear with us, and we will have new stock as quickly as possible! 

As we see another September approaching, I am realizing that this year has passed by so unbelievably fast!  It will literally be Thanksgiving before we know it!  It seems that we are all so busy with everyday life. I hope and pray for peace and comfort for everyone!

Mid-Summer Update August 18 2017, 0 Comments

We had a real sweet break from the August heat, but it looks like its making a comeback!  It's back-to-school time with homework and after-school functions keeping families very busy!  Don't forget to feed the fish!  It will soon be transition time for your outdoor ornamental and pond fish (depending on your geographical location!). Here in the south, we really don't think about fall or winter until Thanksgiving!  

When the pond water begins to cool down, most koi keepers and fish hobbyists change to a lower protein diet with added wheat germ. Many of today's pond pellets contain wheat germ even at higher levels of protein. You can feed either either way.  It really depends on your preferences.  

We will start offering 28% Fall/Winter diet around mid-September!

In the meantime, you can save some cash by choosing our premium 35% protein color-enhancing diet with wheat germ at 10% off through Labor Day!  This diet is actually processed specifically for feeding koi and goldfish all year long.  We've also included our newest line of 32% premium protein low-dust formula in the 10% off sale. Neither diet contains corn or corn ingredients, and both are very low in dust, making these ideal for outdoor aquariums! 

Time passes so quickly.  Before you know it, Christmas will roll around again and a whole new year! Enjoy nature! Relax, and feed the fish! A peace of mind is a daily necessity!