Here's to a New Season of Good Health and Happiness! April 17 2021, 0 Comments

Hello again from America's Best Koi Food!  We hope to find everyone is healthy, happy, and ready to get back to some kind of normal!  It's time for togetherness, to renew our spirits and minds, and heal any frustrations we may have been dealing with!  Whatever you do - don't forget to feed the fish! 

Check out our freshwater fish food with 40% protein. Many fish keepers enjoy feeding this when the water gets warmer and there are lots of babies to feed! With the high fat content of this feed, it is a great choice for trout and bass! 

We continue to keep in stock this year the 32% protein no corn diet, and now there is a small pellet available as well!  

Don't forget the color enhancing wheat germ diet for koi - available now in 40 lb bags!

As always, we have the maintenance fish feeds with 32% and 35% protein available in large and medium sized pellets. Hopefully, we will have the small pellets some time next month. 

We've done our best to maintain our prices.  We understand completely what everyone is going through with the increase of the cost of EVERYTHING!  Please take advantage of the sale prices while it lasts...we are being told all the time to expect product and freight costs to increase throughout this year.

We wish for you a year of wellness!  Hope everyone gets vaccinated!  Stay Safe!