Warmer Days are Coming Soon! February 17 2023, 0 Comments

Here we are again awaiting for Spring! I need warm air, sunshine, and less rain for sure!  We have seeds planted under grow lights with a few seedlings already coming up. We are beginning to plot our growing area, but it just keeps raining! 

Like me, I'm sure everyone is tempted to plant something or feed something on those occasional sunny days when it's getting close to spring time, but we must have patience! We can have three days of sunshine and then suddenly an ice storm. Just this week, we woke up in the morning to 70 degrees and by 3 pm it was 45 degrees!  

Always take care when feeding your fish this time of year. They may eat the food, but it will not digest (assimilate) properly if the water temperature changes rapidly.

Meanwhile, we have fresh new inventory of both maintenance diets and color-enhancing diets. Buy it now and when the fish are ready to eat, you will be too! 

Got fingerlings?  We've got 45% protein grow-out 1.5 mm micro-pellets in stock. You won't need it for long. They'll be ready for the 35% protein color-enhancing 3.5 mm pellets in no time at all!

As always, we appreciate you - and your fish!


In this blog, we will discuss how to deal with pantry pests that may be seen in your fish food.  These little flitter critters migrate to any kind of grain and especially love your pet's food!  We offer some helpful ways to get rid of them!

NEW PRODUCTS ARE COMING! February 09 2022, 0 Comments

We expect to receive new inventory by the 3rd week of February!  So sorry for the delay, but these days these things just seem to take more time. Thank you all for your understanding, and I'm sure we will be up and going very soon!

Here's to a New Season of Good Health and Happiness! April 17 2021, 0 Comments

Hello again from America's Best Koi Food!  We hope to find everyone is healthy, happy, and ready to get back to some kind of normal!  It's time for togetherness, to renew our spirits and minds, and heal any frustrations we may have been dealing with!  Whatever you do - don't forget to feed the fish! 

Check out our freshwater fish food with 40% protein. Many fish keepers enjoy feeding this when the water gets warmer and there are lots of babies to feed! With the high fat content of this feed, it is a great choice for trout and bass! 

We continue to keep in stock this year the 32% protein no corn diet, and now there is a small pellet available as well!  

Don't forget the color enhancing wheat germ diet for koi - available now in 40 lb bags!

As always, we have the maintenance fish feeds with 32% and 35% protein available in large and medium sized pellets. Hopefully, we will have the small pellets some time next month. 

We've done our best to maintain our prices.  We understand completely what everyone is going through with the increase of the cost of EVERYTHING!  Please take advantage of the sale prices while it lasts...we are being told all the time to expect product and freight costs to increase throughout this year.

We wish for you a year of wellness!  Hope everyone gets vaccinated!  Stay Safe! 

A Special Note of Gratitude and Well Wishes December 13 2020, 0 Comments

2020 was full of unexpected chaos, and we wish you all much needed peace and wellness for 2021!  We look forward to serving you (and your fish!) next year!


New Products have Finally Arrived! April 24 2020, 16 Comments

New fish food diets are finally here!  Check out our higher protein and fry food!

Inventory Solutions April 04 2020, 15 Comments

We are working hard to get our inventory replenished.  Delivery times have been delayed.  New products are expected soon!

How We are Dealing with Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 March 19 2020, 4 Comments

Hello, Friends.  I certainly hope you all are doing good, but mostly I hope you and your family are healthy during this crazy pandemic our world is fighting.  I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that we are still open and fulfilling orders daily.  We are keeping in close touch with UPS, and our daily pickups are continuing - for now.  Although our county has been hit with several cases of the virus, there are no known positive cases in our small town. As of today, all restaurants and bars have been closed for dine-in, our schools are closed until mid-April, and our local retail establishments have temporarily changed business hours.  Some larger stores outside of our town have completely closed temporarily.  We here at our little business (there are just a few of us!) typically don't do much but go to work and go home!  We have very few visitors, and we usually deliver fish food to our local customers.  However, we are following the guidelines for cleanliness and hand washing.  Believe me, when  you are handling fish food, you wash your hands a lot anyway!  We were informed that the likelihood of the virus contaminating shipping packaging, including cardboard, is low.  Additionally, if it were to be released on a package, the virus would not live more than 24 hours on these surfaces.  If you have a concern, I think it would be fine to spray the BOX with a disinfectant before you open it, but I don't think it would be necessary to spray the bag.  

Stay Informed and Be Safe!  We thank you for your business, and please know you can contact us any time! 

Spring is just around the corner! February 27 2020, 4 Comments

Here we are again waiting, waiting for warm weather and some sunshine!  We are gearing up for fish feeding season and hoping (and praying) for a normal spring without the floods!  If your spring is anything like ours, it will go from 40 degrees to 80 degrees in one day and then you'll be saying "Oh, Shoot, we need fish food!". LOL!  We already have our maintenance feeds in stock - small, medium, and large pellets.  Don't forget the fingerlings' foods!  We still have some 52% protein for fingerlings, and we expect the 40% fingerling food within a couple of weeks.  We have lots of 1/8" floating pellet color-enhancing with wheat germ, and we expect to receive larger pellets hopefully by the the first of April.  We look forward to serving you again in 2020!

Where did summer go? November 10 2019, 4 Comments

Here it is November … AGAIN!  Seriously, the older you get time really flies!  In Arkansas, we will have winter temperatures at least for the next week.  The air temperature will drop to well below freezing and the fish will hide out for at least a few days.  It's looking like the Midwest, South, and East Coast will be having similar weather patterns as well.  Unless your fish are living in heated water, it is likely they will not be eating much during this time. 

We hope you enjoy your holiday season with family and friends as much as we will!  We are so excited to have our new grand in our lives!  We are so blessed!