Inventory Solutions April 04 2020, 15 Comments

We are seeing some delays in delivery times, both inbound and outbound.  Most carriers are no longer guaranteeing delivery times at this time, due to restrictions in some areas.  Our inbound shipments of fish food have been delayed for one reason or another, but we are expecting a large shipment sometime during the week of April 6th.  We will then have fresh product of our maintenance diets 32% protein large and medium pellets and 36% small pellets.  We are still awaiting information on shipping for our color-enhancing and high protein diets.  

We ask that you please bear with us during this crazy time!  We are working hard to get our products in.  In the meantime, please stay home as much as possible.  Enjoy some relaxation with your fish pond!  Watch some TV or take the time to finally read that book!  Always remember, it's the little things in life that will end up being the most important.  We wish you good health and happiness!