Mid-Summer Update August 18 2017, 0 Comments

We had a real sweet break from the August heat, but it looks like its making a comeback!  It's back-to-school time with homework and after-school functions keeping families very busy!  Don't forget to feed the fish!  It will soon be transition time for your outdoor ornamental and pond fish (depending on your geographical location!). Here in the south, we really don't think about fall or winter until Thanksgiving!  

When the pond water begins to cool down, most koi keepers and fish hobbyists change to a lower protein diet with added wheat germ. Many of today's pond pellets contain wheat germ even at higher levels of protein. You can feed either either way.  It really depends on your preferences.  

We will start offering 28% Fall/Winter diet around mid-September!

In the meantime, you can save some cash by choosing our premium 35% protein color-enhancing diet with wheat germ at 10% off through Labor Day!  This diet is actually processed specifically for feeding koi and goldfish all year long.  We've also included our newest line of 32% premium protein low-dust formula in the 10% off sale. Neither diet contains corn or corn ingredients, and both are very low in dust, making these ideal for outdoor aquariums! 

Time passes so quickly.  Before you know it, Christmas will roll around again and a whole new year! Enjoy nature! Relax, and feed the fish! A peace of mind is a daily necessity!

New Fish Food Product has Arrived! August 31 2016, 0 Comments

We are very excited to carry a new koi and goldfish floating pellet fish food!  Kenny's Vibrant Vittles with wheat germ meal and spirulina is specifically formulated as an ornamental staple food that can be fed year round!  A special bonus is that it also contains montmorillonite clay - well known for boosting immunity and just keeping your koi and goldfish healthier!  Available in two sizes - Large and Medium.  Save $2.00 now on 10 lbs!  Only $29.95.  

Water will begin cooling down soon, but now is the time to feed well - so don't forget to feed the fish!