UPDATE ON OUR PROGRESS! May 20 2024, 0 Comments

As many of you know, we were basically kicked out of the building we had been leasing for years due to it being sold.  Although the new owners have big plans and high hopes, they have now realized things don't just happen overnight! They have offered us an opportunity to re-open at the same place!  We are working diligently to get things rolling again!

Warmer Days are Coming Soon! February 17 2023, 0 Comments

Here we are again awaiting for Spring! I need warm air, sunshine, and less rain for sure!  We have seeds planted under grow lights with a few seedlings already coming up. We are beginning to plot our growing area, but it just keeps raining! 

Like me, I'm sure everyone is tempted to plant something or feed something on those occasional sunny days when it's getting close to spring time, but we must have patience! We can have three days of sunshine and then suddenly an ice storm. Just this week, we woke up in the morning to 70 degrees and by 3 pm it was 45 degrees!  

Always take care when feeding your fish this time of year. They may eat the food, but it will not digest (assimilate) properly if the water temperature changes rapidly.

Meanwhile, we have fresh new inventory of both maintenance diets and color-enhancing diets. Buy it now and when the fish are ready to eat, you will be too! 

Got fingerlings?  We've got 45% protein grow-out 1.5 mm micro-pellets in stock. You won't need it for long. They'll be ready for the 35% protein color-enhancing 3.5 mm pellets in no time at all!

As always, we appreciate you - and your fish!


In this blog, we will discuss how to deal with pantry pests that may be seen in your fish food.  These little flitter critters migrate to any kind of grain and especially love your pet's food!  We offer some helpful ways to get rid of them!