Spring is just around the corner! February 27 2020, 4 Comments

Here we are again waiting, waiting for warm weather and some sunshine!  We are gearing up for fish feeding season and hoping (and praying) for a normal spring without the floods!  If your spring is anything like ours, it will go from 40 degrees to 80 degrees in one day and then you'll be saying "Oh, Shoot, we need fish food!". LOL!  We already have our maintenance feeds in stock - small, medium, and large pellets.  Don't forget the fingerlings' foods!  We still have some 52% protein for fingerlings, and we expect the 40% fingerling food within a couple of weeks.  We have lots of 1/8" floating pellet color-enhancing with wheat germ, and we expect to receive larger pellets hopefully by the the first of April.  We look forward to serving you again in 2020!