New Cool-Season Products are Here! September 08 2017, 0 Comments

Kenny's Chillin' Chow is back in both large and medium sized pellets, and we now offer sinking pellet sticks!  

Feed Fall/Winter diet to koi and other carp until water temp drops to about 50 F.  

28% protein floating and sinking diets can be fed to catfish a little longer in the cool season.  It is thought that light feeding in the fall/winter may lower the mortality rate of visceral toxicosis of catfish (VTC), a disease contracted mostly in the winter when catfish lose weight.  Offer feed to catfish until water reaches 45 F. It is unlikely that catfish will consume feed once the water reaches this temperature. 

September is usually a very high-feeding time for our fish, especially in the afternoon around 5 pm.  Hope you enjoy feeding your fish (and other critters) as much as we do!