Lovin' Me Some Summer Time! June 28 2019, 24 Comments

It is officially summer and the great flood of 2019 has receded with a lesser flood underway that is supposed to be about 10' less than the great one!  The rain in Arkansas seems to be slowing down, but the bass tournaments at Tar Camp are probably postponed until next year.  My pond fish are crazy hungry!  I have so many baby bass, catfish, bluegill, and hopefully some pond carp.  We need these babies to grow fast since the pond has been fished so well this past year so we are feeding them 52% protein pond fry food.  I expect to have some good sized juveniles by fall!

In April, we had a new grandson. Everything I have every heard about being a grandparent is true!  We just can't get enough of him!

As of Monday July 1, we will be shipping from a new location.  We are participating in a state research and development program and moved our fish food business to that location so we can basically be in two places at one time!   We expect brand new fresh inventory to be delivered the week of July 1.  Hang tight!   It's coming soon!

Our summer sale includes Kenny's Vibrant Vittles Color-Enhancing Floating Pellets for Koi and Goldfish. We are selling this product in bulk packaging to help keep the price low throughout the summer.  And don't forget our new formulation of Kenny's Vanishing Vittles with 36% premium protein for both ornamental and pond fish.

Bulk Packaging with Free Shipping.  Happy Summer!