Spring rains in August? August 19 2016, 0 Comments

I can't say that I remember a time when it rained steady for a week in August!  I'm very thankful that we didn't get the flooding that our Louisiana friends have been experiencing, and I hope and pray for the safety and well-being of everyone that has been hit with this summertime disaster.  

Although it may feel like spring in August, I'm sure there will be plenty of more dog days of summer with temperatures going back up to 100 degrees soon!  Don't forget to feed the fish!  Although they may not consume as much during heavy rains, they will be starving once the weather patterns settle back to normal.  Continue feeding your spring/summer diet until your water temperature drops to about 65 F.  We will begin carrying our fall/winter diet (Kenny's Chillin' Chow) about mid-September.  

Have a great rest of the summer!