Are your fish hungry? February 27 2016, 0 Comments

To feed or not to feed?  We start thinking about that this time of year because its warm and sunny so they should be hungry, right?  I think it depends on the fishes' geographical location more than anything. I'm in Arkansas, and on any given day in the winter time, it could be upwards of 60 degrees F outside.  Give it a couple of days and it will be 30!  My partners' huge pond has about 500 koi and goldfish.  We can see when they become more active and would like a little snack.  We offer them 28% protein with wheat germ and alfalfa meal for assimilation reasons.  Just a little so we can tell if they really, really want to eat.  Slow feeding regimens allow you to monitor the fishes' patterns.  They may want just a taste and that will be just enough. I feed my earthen pond fish the same food because they do seem to be "looking for me" and awaiting a snack on warm sunny days.  However, in my pond the large carp and catfish really don't bother coming to the surface until it has been consistently warm for about 2 weeks.  I think my babies would eat every day of the year!  We feed them 28% protein floating/sinking crumbles.  I've actually seen those big catfish come a snooping when the crumbles start sinking!  The low protein diet is better assimilated in cold water and acceptable for all ages of fish during the cold feeding season.  It will be in the high 60s and low 70s over the next week.  I'm sure we'll get to say "hello" to our big beauties in the koi pond.  However, with 100% chance of rain coming in the next few days, that will probably send all of them back to the bottom!