Feed those fish! April 10 2016, 0 Comments

Yes, the time has definitely come!  The fish are presenting themselves and letting us know they are lovin' this warm weather and wanting to eat.  I am still feeding 28% protein to the big ones, but moved up to 36% protein for the little ones.  I usually feed floating/sinking crumbles to the babies, but decided to give them a treat today and fed them Kenny's Vanishing Vittles small "mini" floating/sinking pellets - mainly because it is so windy and they won't fly in the wind like the crumbles do.  OMG! I couldn't feed it to them fast enough! They just kept cleaning it up like there is no tomorrow!  Not only did the big catfish, carp, and bream enjoy their large floating pellets, but the geese and turtles got a treat too!  I'll move up to 32% protein in about a week.  Yes, I do get a kick out of feeding the wildlife.  I filled my bird feeders, and saw the first humming bird today, so I filled those feeders to.  I leave vegetable and fruit scraps for the deer and squirrels.  Wish I had more time to enjoy this more.  As a home builder, my own home time is limited.  I guess that makes it even more special!  Enjoy feeding your koi - or whatever you happen to be feeding!