Feeding Appropriate-Sized Fish Food March 06 2016, 1 Comment

It has been in the low 70's for a few days in a row, and my fish babies are hungry! I feed my small pond fish crumbles with 28% protein until it has been consistently warm for at least 2 weeks.  Then I switch to 36% protein.  I will get a new batch of 36% protein in tomorrow 3/7/16.  Feeding these crumbles to the fry and fingerlings spring and summer will add the growth they need to winter over next fall.  These fish in the photo were only about 3" long last summer!  They are still eating the crumbles, but some of them are now taking the medium sized pellets!  We don't recommend feeding crumbles to outdoor ponds with filter systems, as this fish food contains fry meal, which can be detrimental to your system.  It can be strained, if preferred.  Crumbles will also contain some large pellets, which can be crushed for smaller fish.  We are expecting 8" of rain over the next few days, so feeding will slow down during that time.