America’s Best Koi Food

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Our store is currently closed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message and we will quickly get back with you.

We have been feeding ornamental koi, goldfish, and other pond fish for more than 10 years. We understand that when you have a pond full of fish, not only can that get expensive, but dragging those huge bags of food home from the hardware store can be a major chore! And some of you don’t even have a local hardware store! Why not try having your fish food delivered? We make it easy on your back as well as your wallet!  Our fish foods are bagged in easy-to-handle packaging at affordable prices.  

We offer a variety of fish foods that can be fed to your ornamental and pond fish throughout their lifespan.  Please check out our Products Page for a look at all of Kenny's Fish Foods!  Currently, we are out of stock of Kenny's Vibrant Vittles due to the rising cost of product and freight. However, Kenny's Vanishing Vittles mini pellets should arrive around the first of August 2022.

Our fish foods are manufactured in America with absolutely no imported ingredients. Just good wholesome fish food that will help keep your fish healthy and beautiful!

Our products are ordered and processed from various feed mills at specific intervals so they are always fresh!  To preserve freshness, we recommend that you keep your fish foods stored in an airtight container away from moisture, heat, and light.

We named our products after our very own Kenny Koi, who loves to make the biggest splash at feeding time! We know your koi will make a splash over America’s Best Koi Food too!

The swim pattern of the koi symbolizes a harmonic balance of life’s ups and downs. We work hard throughout our life demonstrating ambition, courage, perseverance, and finally, success. Most of us don’t reach good fortune without some type of obstacles along the way. Koi are often associated with the Yin Yang Symbol as one swims upstream and one swims downstream. Symbolic of harmony and happiness, the swimming koi represent balance in one’s life. Your koi pond is all about your enjoyment and relaxation, and we are here to provide you the feed products you need that will give you a peace of mind at a price you can afford.